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Bewilderment Earrings | Low-key and beautiful

Bewilderment Earrings | Low-key and beautiful





耳勾、耳夾 皆有


純銀飾品發黑發黃是正常的 " 氧化現象 ",表示是貨真價實的純銀~

並且無須擔心,問題完全可以解決的 !


古浪有額外服務 [ 專業保養清潔 ] & [ 飾品小維修 ]

  • ■ Production time

    All products are made after ordering and payment. The production time is 14-21 days. Thank you for your waiting.
    If you need urgent items or special needs, please write to discuss.

  • ■Return and refund policy

    Because the products are all hand-made and customized, each has slightly different hand-made traces and shapes.
    And the accessories are more skin-friendly and hygienic considerations, no refunds are accepted, please think twice before placing an order!

  • ■運送須知

    [ 台灣地區運費與運送方式 ]
    宅配:NT. 120元 / 消費滿NT.1000元免運費
    7-11、全家、OK超商取貨:NT. 60元 / 消費滿NT.1000元免運費

    [ 國際運輸 尚未開放 ]

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